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Tattoo NFT Project


So you wanna help tat up Lola Menthol? You want to contribute to her tattoo collection?? Sweet. We’re filling up space on her canvas and you can be a part of her tattoo collection!


Buy these hand-drawn 1/1 NFTs from the currently limited collection. These give you consulting rights to Lola’s next tattoo! How cool! 


Pick a placement, pick a design, and Lola will create a specialized video documenting the event with a shout out to you. 

PS: You get producing credits for the vlog docu-series episode! 


  1. Must be tasteful/nonoffensive/nonvulgar

  2. No dicks

  3. No names

  4. Cannot be larger than 6 inches

  5. Arms, legs, hands, back, feet only

  6. No promotional logos/images unless agreed upon

  7. Tattoo artist will be chosen by Lola

  8. No Realistic Faces/people/animals

  9. Must be in style similar to American traditional 



  1. NFT PFP 

  2. Doodles

  3. Original characters

  4. Original collaborative concepts

  5. 5" or less



  1. Collaborate with community to contribute to my Tattoo collection 

  2. Raise funds for local Art nonprofits (We Art One, Yonkers)

  3. Raise awareness on mental health, body image, beauty and healing of artistic expression, female strength and power

  4. Participate in performance art as a canvas for supporters

  5. Do something that has never been done before

  6. Create a docuseries of tattoo conceptualization process and application journey

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In Collaboration with VJ Neurite

Untitled_Artwork 12.jpg

The Tower Card:
NFT Collab w/ Empress Trash


Massive change, falling apart to rebuild. Change can be scary but it is the only constant in this world.

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