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Production/Design Credits



Production Assistant - Tooning Out The News (ViacomCBS) 

September 2021







Illustrator/Animator - Insomniac Music Festival 

June 2021

  • Design original characters

  • Assist head animator in conceptualizing video for on stage projection

  • Animate assets for final visual product

Director/Producer - Lucky 1s Media Inc

  • Write scripts and create treatments for music video projects

  • Draw storyboards with camera movements/angles

  • Calculate and document budgets

  • Hire cast, crew, and scout locations

  • Coordinate project to completion

Show Producer - First Live US

  • ​Communicate with artists

  • Coordinate line up 

  • Create website/ticket distribution method

  • Host event

  • Oversee itinerary execution 

Graphic Designer - China Mac/They Cant Burn Us All

  • Created merchandise designs for youth organization

  • Illustrated and revised artist brand logo

Character Revisionist - Neurite LLC

  • Create line art for original characters by client

  • Color in characters using client's references

On Screen Credits

New Revolution Media: Adara Network Commercial (San

Francisco, CA) - Actress

May 2021

Role of Gen Z Vlogger/Influencer promoting “Virtual 5G” App for tech company


Cafe X (San Francisco, CA) - Actress
Feb 2021

Role of traveler/customer in airport for Cafe X promotional content


HOKA - (Santa Barbara, CA) - Style Out Model

Oct 2020

Posed for internal styling/production material for sportswear company


Lucky 1s Media “Never Settle” Music Video (New Haven, CT) - Lead Aug 2020

Lucky 1s Media “Don’t Go” Music Video (Vancouver, BC) - Lead

Feb 2020

“This” Music Video - (Brooklyn, NY) - Dancer

Dec 2019

EDM music video for Cereal Killers as the role of a female robber


Mexican Music Awards - (Queens, NY)- Dancer
Dec 2019

Back-up dancer for award winning upcoming Latina Artist Kim Michelle Star

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