Lola Menthol

Music, Film, Illustration

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Latest Project: "Haunted Mind" with VJ NEURITE


This collection is a collaboration with artists @LOLAMENTHOL and @VJNEURITE.

10% of proceeds will be donated to a mental health organization in support of their missions for mental health awareness (@minddeconstruct)

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New Album: "LUV"


Lola Menthol
Lola Menthol is a multimedia artist creating music, illustrations, animations, videos, street wear, and NFTs. 
She's curated many shows in NYC to provide a platform for herself and other local underground artists. She has performed and recorded projects in various cities like Brooklyn, Vancouver, Richmond, Hollywood, Yonkers, Peekskill, Portland (ME), Portland (OR), Nashville, and Manhattan.
She has produced and directed her music videos and is extending her creative vision and production expertise to  other artists with her production company LUCKY 1S Media.

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