Music, Film, Illustration

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Mr. Happy (: 
NFT on Open Sea

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Eyes Scream! 

Physical Paintings: 16 x 20 stretched canvas

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Lola Menthol Ghost
Island Slime x Lola Menthol NFT Collab on Open Sea

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 Through this film, I wanted to start conversations surrounding mental health, family, the struggles of aspiring creative professionals, self image, and the importance of self expression

The Tower Card:
NFT Collab w/ Empress Trash


Massive change, falling apart to rebuild. Change can be scary but it is the only constant in this world.

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"Saw Her in My Dreams"


Lola Menthol
Lola Menthol is a New York native multimedia artist creating music, illustrations, animations, videos, and NFTs. 
She's curated many shows in NYC to provide a platform for herself and other local underground artists. She has performed and recorded projects in various cities around North America.
She has produced and directed music videos, short films, music festivals, and fine art events. 



Instagram Feed: @lolamenthol